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The air gun, held by Todd Brotzman.

The air gun is a weapon in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

The gun shoots air, without having any visible way or mechanism of doing so.

It has a handgun-like handle and trigger and flares out into a big red-and-white muzzle.


The air gun was created by the Cardenas boy with his powers.[1] In 1967 it was left behind.

Fifty years later, Dirk Gently found the air gun on the upper story of the barn near the Cardenas house. While testing the gun, they shot bits off of a tree and found a body within.[2]

On the fourth day the air gun was at Sherlock Hobbs' house in the morning; Hobbs and Todd took it with them when they followed Dirk to the Cardenas house. Todd took it into the house within the house pocket dimension and used it to repel the purple people eater creature.[3]

Hobbs put the gun into the evidence lock-up storage room at the Bergsberg County Sheriff's Office. Later that day Arnold Cardenas used the gun to break out of that room, and shot at Hobbs, before dropping the gun.[1]

Before leaving the Sheriff's Office to visit Arnold at the Hill County Memorial Hospital, Todd got the air gun. Wearing it on his belt, it was with him for the rest of the day and the journey to Wendimoor.[4]

In Wendimoor, the air gun was used by Todd to defend himself against some creatures. He was both saved and captured again by Silas Dengdamor and Wygar Oak, and the former took the air gun off him and carried it afterwards.[5]

The next day, Todd took back the air gun off the kidnapped Silas[6], wearing it on his way to the Pool of the Empty Throne[7]. There, he used it to defend them against Suzie Boreton. Todd kept the air gun on his return to Bergsberg.[8]

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