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Anomalous entities are a concept in the BBCA series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, and the IDW comics. It has been referred to in the series, and explained more in the show bible and interviews.


These anomalies or glitches (or "extras" in the show bible) exist in and interact with the universe and the fabric of reality in anomalous ways, seemingly bending the laws of reality and probability. They appear as paranormal phenomena, as people seemingly in possession of strange abilities or (super)powers, or paranormal sensory perceptions.

Project Blackwing was founded to search, study and deal with anomalous people like that, classifying them as Blackwing subjects. (See there for a list of Blackwing projects.)

Both Dirk Gently's holistic detective and Bart Curlish's holistic assassin-hood are forms of causality psychics.

The original novels also contain people afflicted with paranormal abilities and phenomena, such as Dirk Gently and the Woodshead Hospital patients, but they are as a group never given a name or classified in any way. Although their background nature is not explored, they may be considered similar in practice to anomalous entities.

List of anomalous entities[]


  • "[...] anomalous people. People with anomalous abilities, these are not mutants, the people on our show do not have powers, they exist anomalously. Their very presence in our universe causes small distortions, or heals small distortions that wouldn't otherwise be noticed. With Bart this comes across as being invulnerable, the Rowdy Three can feed on pure energy, with Dirk, it's a little bit harder to quantify or qualify." --Max Landis[1]
  • "Dirk and Bart don't have a "power". A power has them." --Max Landis[2]
  • "We're supposed to help fix things. That's what all of us are. Tools to fix the broken universe. There's problems in reality. You're supposed to repair them. Each of us has a different purpose. You help people be where they should be." --Francis to Dirk Gently, 2.10 Nice Jacket



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