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Bergsberg is a town in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, appearing in its Season 2.

Bergsberg is a small town in Bergsberg County in the southern[1] part of the state Montana, United States of America.


  • The town sign, which reads "Welcome to Bergsberg" and beneath (with a few letters and words missing), "ONCE YOU'RE HERE... YOU [...] GONE", which formerly read "ONCE YOU'RE HERE... YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO BE GONE"[2].
  • The Bergsberg County Sheriff's Department, in the Bergsberg County Sheriff's Office.
  • Sherlock Hobbs' house
  • Boreton family house, of Suzie Boreton and her family.
  • Cardenas' Family Motor Inn, a motel with the slogan "Sit 'n' stay put"; it is named after Marina and Hector Cardenas. Bob Boreton works here. Todd and Farah stay at Room 18.
  • The Bergsberg boat, named "The Infant, Male, Pollock, Francis", a boat standing in a field. People say it has been there since the 1950.
  • Cardenas house: a fenced area with a spooky house and barn.
  • Car in a tree
  • Corpse in a tree (possibly in fenced area)
  • Quarry, with big hole and office containers; Dan Samuels and Suzie Boreton worked here
  • Carol and Jasper's house, where the Bergsberg County Book Club met
  • Diner, where Arnold Cardenas worked
  • Camping grounds, used by visitors of the music festival Sound of Nothing
  • Barn where Sound of Nothing was held



In the 1950s, the Bergsberg boat appeared outside Bergsberg.

In 1967, an electrical/electromagnetic pulse event happened, named "The '67", that affected and destroyed electronics and the power grid for miles around. Days before, Marina and Hector Cardenas went missing.

Behind the scenes[]