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Bofuki Nepoo are a people in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


The Bofuki Nepoo are a people in Wendimoor. They appear as short humanoid beings, with poofy hair and stripy multicolored skin in a range of bright loud colors. They communicate with a variety of chirping, trilling and squeaking sounds. They wear frayed pants/skirts with suspenders, bits of fur, and goggles.

They live in a village in a forest, with the witch Wakti Wapnasi.

Season 2 (The Middle of Everywhere)[]

The Bofuki Nepoo captured Amanda Brotzman, Vogel and Farson Dengdamor and brought them back home to Wakti Wapnasi. They braided and decorated Vogel's hair while he was unconcious. Later a group of Kellum Knights attacked, but the newly arrived Rowdy 3 defeated them. At night, everyone celebrated their victory and the Rowdy's reunion.[1]

The next day the Bofuki Nepoo interacted with the Rowdy 3.[2]

The day after, a disheveled Suzie Boreton arrived at the village, and was appoached by Bofuki Nepoo. Suzie stated her claim to rule, and killed Wakti and several Bofuki Nepoo with the Toros spell. Numerous Bofuki Nepoo fled from the village; on the way, they were passed by Amanda and Todd Brotzman who were headed for the village.[3]

The dead Bofuki Nepoo were resurrected when the Boy, Francis, restored Wendimoor; they were shown in their forest home, with Farson Dengdamor.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Bofuki Nepoo were portrayed by extras.