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The Cavatos are a criminal group in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


When Bart Curlish and Ken Adams were captured by the biker gang New Children of the Old God, the bikers questioned them whether they were sent by the Cavatos. Ken denied knowing who the Cavatos were, but correctly pronounced their name.[1]

The Cavatos were a criminal group active in Montana. They had dealings with the Mage and Dan Samuels.[2]

Four Cavatos Thugs were sent by the Mage to Dan Samuels' office to pick up Samuels' corpse, which they did and deposited the body in their car trunk. They were also given a spellbook and magic want to kill Samuels' employee Suzie Boreton with, which their leader tried to do but failed. Concluding that the exact means of her death were irrelevant, he was about to kill Suzie when Bart Curlish arrived and killed all four men.[2]

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