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Detective Zimmerfield is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Detective Zimmerfield was a highly experienced but world-weary Seattle police detective in the Missing Persons department, partnered with Detective Estevez. Together they worked the case of the missing Lydia Spring.


Zimmerfield was a detective in the Missing Persons department in the Seattle Police Department.

Patrick Spring's Murder[]

While on a case to find the missing Lydia Spring, Zimmerfield and his partner Estevez become intrigued by the death of Lydia's father, Patrick Spring. Believing the two cases to be connected, they begin to investigate both. (read more)

Two Missing Bodies[]

When viewing the body of the late Patrick Spring, Zimmerfield and Estevez discover that the two other bodies from the crime scene are missing. A worker states that the FBI removed them but the FBI deny this claim. (read more)

Questioning Todd Brotzman[]

After both a corgi from the crime scene tapes and Todd Brotzman arrive at the police station almost simultaneously, Zimmerfield and Estevez become certain that Todd is their main suspect. (read more)

While on an unauthorized police mission, he was shot and killed by the Men of the Machine.


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