Dirk Gently's Holistic Wiki


Wiki guide[]

Franchises/fandoms and distinction
The wiki is for all media related to Dirk Gently. The original Adams novels take precedence if there is any squabble. Articles get tags in brackets if necessary for disambiguation.

Articles should note their belonging to the specific media(s) their appear in.

Topics or characters appearing across multiple media can be split into separate articles especially if large enough or too distinct (cf. the Dirks), but they can also share the same article. If kept in a single article it should be kept clear which media the information refers to, up to keeping separate sub-sections for the different media (cf. IDW comics subsections in articles for characters from main Adams canon or BBCA, e.g. Thor).

Disambiguated redirects for the different media can/should exist and are good to use and keep, even if they link to the same article at the moment.

Languages: The DG Wiki's primary language is English. Orthography and spelling should tend to conform to British conventions as per main canon. Other canons can use their specific conventions, such as the BBCA adaptation using U.S. American conventions.

For languages other than English, do not change the Engllish text to your language. (Yes, that does happen.) Please see if there is a wiki in your language you can use, or create your own wiki or sub-wiki for your language, which can be linked via interwiki links.

Style, spoilers
Book and episode articles do lay out plot as it appears therein, and are thus low on spoilers for following material. Articles on characterss, objects, etc generally follow in-universe chronology and thus contain spoilers.

Distinct-lemma redirects should not be changed / replaced with the redirected-to article name, even if they link to a collective or in-common article at the moment (e.g. various locations linking to an overview article on the city/country). They provide a stable link for the lemma that provides disambiguation, retraceability, and is available for future use and article creation.

Images should get all low-caps names, and be categoized in the appropriate thematic category.