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Edmund Doyle is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Edmund Doyle was Chief of Police / Police Captain of the Seattle Police Department. He was also a member of the Men of the Machine.

During the Spring case, Detectives Zimmerfield and Estevez from Missing Persons asked Doyle for a warrant to search the Animal Transfer Unit at the Seattle Zoo, as it could be connected with Gordon Rimmer, who had been seen with the missing Lydia Spring. Doyle, being a cultist hiself, refused them.[1]

After the detectives' unsanctioned search of the ATU and Zimmerfield's death, a stricken Estevez confronted Doyle again (on the 10.08.2016), asking him to take action against the cult. Doyle again refused and tried to downplay the situation, which led Estevez to accuse him of being in on the machinations of the cult. After the detective was forced to leave, Doyle phoned Rimmer. They met at a pier and talked, laying out their thoughts on the cult and plans. Rimmer stated he would have the Unlimited Energy Device at the ATU that night, and ordered Doyle to meet him there.[2]

Later that day, Rimmer came into the police station with Ed and Zed, asking Doyle for reinforcements to seize back the stolen Soul Exchanger, which Dirk and team had taken to the Spring Mansion. Doyle sent a Seattle Police SWAT team along with Rimmer.[3]

The next day, Doyle was killed at the Seattle Police Department when it was sacked during Hugo Friedkin's purge of the Men of the Machine and anything connected to the Spring case.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Doyle is portrayed by actor Eric Keenleyside.
  • The character is credited as "Police Captain" and goes unnamed in dialogue, but his name is visible on the nameplate on his desk.