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Frija Dengdamor is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Frija is the matriarch of the Dengdamor family in Wendimoor, and mother to Silas and Farson


Frija is the mother of Silas and Farson.[2]

Frija is the matriarch of the Dengdamors.

At some point Farson disappeared and Frija believed he had been kidnapped or murdered by the Trost family.[3]

The Middle of Everywhere[]

Her son Silas Dengdamor and the warrior Wygar Oak reported to her after having pursued Panto Trost. After Silas attempted to lie that Panto had died during a fight with Silas, Wygar told her that they had fought, but Panto had escaped. Disappointed and enraged, Frija ordered the Trost farmlands burned down. Silas pleaded to his mother for unity between the families in the face of their common enemy the Mage, and to think of the prophecy, but Frija dismissed it as fiction, set on continuing with the feud with the Trosts.[2]



... Silas and Panto declared their mutual love to their parents, once more asking them to make peace and unite their houses, moving Frija and Jeppum. The moment was cut short by the arrival of the Kellum Army, who shot down and killed the four, leaving only Bart.[6]

Frija was resurrected when the Boy, Francis, restored Wendimoor; she is shown with other Dengdamor family members in their town, peacefully meeting the Trost family.[7]

Behind the scenes[]