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"Horizons" is an episode of the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the series premiere and first episode of season 1.


After Todd Brotzman happens upon a murder scene, he meets self-proclaimed detective, Dirk Gently, and is drawn into a case involving the death of reclusive millionaire, Patrick Spring, and the kidnapping of his daughter Lydia. As multiple characters and storylines seem primed to converge, tangling endlessly in towards the center, it’s clear to Todd that his life will never be the same.


A series of televison screens display multiple numbers, the focal point being "3=1".

A man (Dirk Gently) is awoken by a phone call from "Patrick Spring", who asks him where he is, as "it's time." He insists that he has been awake and is already on his way. The penthouse suite of a hotel is shown with two torn apart bodies scattered in parts around the room and burn marks littering the walls and furniture. The legs of a third body stick out of the bathroom and a black kitten wanders out, only to be picked up by an unseen person.

Perryman Grand hotel bellhop Todd Brotzman wakes up to the shouts of his unstable landlord Dorian Rothlighter smashing his car with a hammer, demanding his six hundred dollars of rent that Todd insists he already paid. He tells Todd that he knows he will not do anything about his threats and storms away. Todd walks back up to find his door locked and climbs up the fire escape, where in his apartment, the TV reports the disappearance of Lydia Spring, daughter of millionaire Patrick Spring. He checks his phone and sees six missed phone calls from his sister Amanda. As he takes the bus to work, he sees an unattended corgi run by.

At work, Todd's boss, Hermano Palacios, sends him to check out a seventh floor room where a woman is reportedly drunk, as well as the penthouse, which has had a "do not disturb" sign out since yesterday afternoon. Todd awkwardly asks for an advance on his paycheck, but is unable to follow through. Having misplaced his master key, he is given Palacios' and heads up to the seventh floor, where a man storms out and leaves a crying, half-dressed woman behind. She asks Todd to sit with her and forlornly remarks that she hates men. Going up to the penthouse in an elevator, he calls Amanda and it goes to voicemail, and he promises to get her money that she needs. He is cut off when the elevator randomly stops on the eighteenth floor, where a man in a fur coat and an American flag shirt shouts at someone offscreen about lying to him and a time machine, before murmuring "holy shit, this is when it happened. That means–" He turns and looks at Todd, revealing him to also be Todd, and he flees before the Todd in the elevator can do anything and the doors close. The lights are flickering on the penthouse floor when Todd arrives, and he finds a lottery ticket, the corner stained with blood, on the floor outside. He pushes open the door and stares in shock.

Missing Persons detectives Estevez and Zimmerfield arrive on the scene because one of the bodies is Patrick Spring, hoping they can find some sort of connection with Lydia. They observe the penthouse, astounded at the brutal nature of the murders and bizarre burning bite marks littering the walls and ceiling, compounded with the fact that the noise from the room only lasted ten seconds. They question Todd and state their suspicion of him, because he arrived late to work and did not have his key. They show him footage recovered from the scene (most was destroyed by an unknown interference) of a person in a gorilla mask holding a hotel key and walking around the penthouse floor, and Todd asks for security footage of the eighteenth floor, only to awkwardly pass it off when the detectives regard him with suspicion. They warn him not to leave town and exit. Palacios asks if he saw an animal in the penthouse, as the detectives found paw prints at the scene, and then fires him for his involvement in the case, preventing him from getting his advance. Todd takes the bus home, seeing another advertisement about helping in the search for Lydia. He takes out the lottery ticket and stares at it, then notices the corgi wandering around as the bus drives by.

Todd returns home to find a man climbing through his window and the two brawl, knocking into Todd's microwave and resetting it until they come to a stalemate. The man asks a perplexed Todd if he has "noticed an acceleration of strangeness in your life," analyzing Todd's facial reaction and using it to declare him his new assistant, introducing himself as private detective Dirk Gently, and stating that he now lives in Todd's apartment. Todd promptly throws him out.

Two men, Scott Riggins and Hugo Friedkin watch Dirk leave Todd's building, addressing him as "Project Icarus". The dim-witted Friedkin instinctively attempts to assassinate Todd with a silenced rifle, but Todd unknowingly dodges the bullet by ducking to pick up a stress toy Dirk left behind. It ricochets off his ceiling fan and through the floor above him, striking and killing a bald man with strange tattoos on his neck and the back of his head about to attack a woman chained to a bed. Riggins and Friedkin drive off and are noticed by Estevez and Zimmerfield, on stakeout, who run their plates and find they are military. The woman tries to break the bed frame by pulling on it while she berates herself. Todd hears the thumping coming from upstairs but dismisses it, talking to Amanda on the phone about something happening to her that he used to experience. She notes that he sounds stressed and asks if everything is alright, and he thinks about the events of the day but tells her that he is fine.

Out in a remote area by a power station, a man, Ken Adams, works on a machine using his laptop as another bald man with the same tattoos stands guard. Annoyed by the man's rushing, Ken puts his earbuds in and listens to music to distract himself as a disheveled woman, Bart Curlish, approaches the man with a machete and kills him. Ken notices her charging towards him at the last second and flees, screaming for help as they both become winded. She addresses him as "Dirk Gently" while they both catch their breath and becomes frustrated when he reveals that is not his name, not understanding why he ran from her despite her having killed his companion. She asks why he did not just stop and tell her he is not Dirk, and he exasperatedly tells her he does not know who that is.

Todd finds Dirk outside his apartment while he goes to Amanda's and tries to ignore him, only for him to flee into Dirk's car (although Dirk claims it is not his) when chased by a hammer-wielding Dorian. Dorian addresses Dirk by name and tells him to make Todd come back with his money as they speed off.

Zimmerfield and Estevez discuss the case, their superiors planning to transfer it to Major Crimes unless they can connect Spring's murder to Lydia. Zimmerfield notes that the hotel's security system was fried with power equated to a lightning strike, and Estevez suggests calling Spring's bodyguard, Farah Black, again. A file photo reveals her to be the woman chained to the bed. He shows Zimmerfield something interesting recovered from the security system: the corgi running through the lobby.

As Dirk speeds down the street and eats while he drives, he explains to Todd that Dorian knew his name because he talked to him about Todd's building, the Ridgely. He explains that he is a "holistic detective" and that he is "not with the CIA anymore," the term holistic being used to refer to his "convictions about the fundamental interconnectedness of all things," not relying on actual clues to solve cases. Not paying attention to the road, Dirk narrowly avoids hitting a man holding a stack of posters with a lost corgi on them.

Driving through the woods in her car, Bart thanks Ken, his hands taped, for choosing to come with her, but he points out that she said she would kill him if he refused. Bart states that he still chose coming with her over death, so it was nice of him regardless. Despite Ken noting that the car does not need gas, Bart pulls over at a station anyway on a "hunch." She makes Ken get up on the car roof so she can see him and heads inside the station's store, finding the clerk shot to death. She begins taking food and a robber emerges and pulls a gun on her. She casually grabs it and kills him with it. As she walks back to Ken with her arms full of food, she explains that she is a "holistic assassin" while killing another robber who tries to sneak up behind her. She explains the concept of holisticism in the same way as Dirk and states that she kills people purely on a whim, and her killing them ultimately makes them her targets. Ken states that she is describing a murder spree, but Bart counters that she has never killed a person she wasn't supposed to.

As Todd fills up Dirk's car with gas to be polite, Dirk smugly points out that he is already acting like an assistant. Todd asks how he solves cases and he states that he does so by "just kind of doing whatever." Todd asks why he broke into his apartment specifically, and Dirk tells him he was investigating the Ridgely and picked his apartment on a hunch, having found a very important piece of evidence inside: "nothing." He explains to Todd that "everything is connected. Nothing is also connected." They hear the sound of a motor revving and Dirk sees something that distresses him, and they leave in a hurry.

Dirk follows Todd to his meeting with Amanda despite being told to stay in the car, and they immediately take a liking to each other, much to Todd's chagrin. Dirk watches a news report on Amanda's TV stating that the police have classified Spring's death as an animal attack while Todd and Amanda discuss her living situation, with her refusing to move back in with their financially struggling parents so as not to be a burden on them. She explains to Dirk when asked that she suffers from Pararibulitis, a genetic disease that causes the afflicted to hallucinate painful things that their body perceives as real. Dirk asks why she tends to stay in the house considering the disease is not stopping her from going outside before Todd interrupts, asking if she wants to play music with him. As she goes out to the garage to set up, Todd and Dirk argue over whether or not Todd secretly wants to be a part of the case. Friedkin watches them through the scope of his rifle, still under the impression that he needs to kill someone. Riggins corrects him, stating their mission is to protect Dirk, only for Friedkin to again aim his rifle at them. Riggins smacks him to get him to stop.

Amanda drums while Todd plays guitar and an observing Dirk wistfully imagines himself playing guitar with them. Amanda suffer a Pararibulitis attack and hallucinates her drumstick as a knife that has deeply cut her palm, and Todd calms her down and tells Dirk to back off when he tries to help. Dirk watches as the siblings say goodbye and Todd gives her money. On the way home, Todd forlornly states that he gave his last bit of money to her to pay for her medication. When Dirk asks why he chose to prioritize her over his apartment and Dorian, Todd explains that he had the disease in college and depleted his parents' savings with his treatments, and that Amanda knowing he beat the disease gives her hope for her own cure. Dirk asks if there is a chance she can recover seeing as Todd did, and Todd asks him if they can not speak for the rest of the drive. A couple cars back, the source of the revving noise from earlier is revealed: a beaten up, graffiti-covered van that is following the car.

Still chained to the bed, Farah continues to berate herself while trying to get free and promises that she will find and save Lydia.

Dirk follows an exasperated Todd into his apartment and explains that he was hired by Patrick Spring six weeks beforehand to investigate his own death. Todd tries to get Dirk to leave, citing the fact that he is broke, but Dirk counters that he is working the case no matter what and that "the universe will make you a part of this whether you are complicit or not" and promises that he will be compensated, even if not by Dirk himself. The van pulls up to Todd's building, observed by the military men and the detectives, Riggins referring to it as "Project Incubus." Dirk hears them crash into a car outside and begins to panic as four dirty, violent men get out, referring to them as "the Rowdy 3", (despite their head count) as they begin to make their way up to Todd's apartment, smashing everything in their path. Todd tries to force Dirk out so his apartment can be spared, but the men arrive before he can get him out and they break in, tearing the place apart as Todd cowers in the corner. Hearing the noise, Farah shouts in an attempt to be heard, and Dorian, also hearing the noise, storms towards the building with a gun. Todd watches in horror as the men stand over Dirk and drain blue energy from him with their mouths and then leave out his window, taking Dirk's stress toy and a picture of Amanda. Dorian bursts in just as they leave, demanding his rent and shouting furiously, firing at the still-defunct microwave when it beeps. The bullet ricochets off the ceiling fan again and hits him square in the head. Hearing the gunfire, the detectives, the military men, and two men in FBI jackets (one being from the hotel earlier) rush the building at the same time, only to get into an altercation out front. As Dirk and Todd stare at Dorian's body, Todd smashes his guitar against the wall in frustration.

While the police examine Todd's apartment, Farah continues to try and make herself heard, finally pulling the bed frame loose in the process, which hits her head as she falls to the floor and knocks her out.

Dorian's death having been ruled accidental, (and surveillance having revealed that he was a major drug dealer, explaining the presence of the FBI) Estevez and Zimmerfield release Todd, although they remind him to not leave town.

At the Perryman Grand, Palacios finds a hooded man in a hallway tinkering with a metallic crossbow, only to be confronted by another hooded man, Ed, who asks if he found a kitten in the penthouse. When Palacios says no, they both remove their hoods to reveal they too are bald and have the tattoos, and the man with the crossbow fires at Palacios, embedding a metal bolt in his chest that electrocutes and kills him.

Todd leaves the station and stares at a nearby missing poster for Lydia, then takes out the lottery ticket and again stares at it. Dirk interrupts him, having also been released and claiming the CIA helped him. Todd asks why Dirk is so unfazed by seeing Dorian die, then reveals Dorian wanted his rent because Todd paid it, then stole it back from him while he was high. As Dirk tries to draw him back into the case, Todd tries to get him to stop talking, and Dirk tells him that "you've been making choices out of desperation for too long. That much obvious." He insists that Todd must "take control of your life. The instant you do, interesting things will happen. I guarantee it." Unfazed, Todd storms off. Taking the bus home, he sees that he has missed a call from Amanda and again notices the corgi. He gets off the bus and follows the address on its tag, the man Dirk almost hit with his car answering the door. As the man takes it back, Todd notices Lydia Spring behind him, staring at him and moving her head strangely before the man shuts the door.

The FBI shows Estevez and Zimmerfield footage of Todd climbing through Dorian's window to steal back his money, Farah wakes up and tries to grab the bonesaw the man was going to use to attack her until a foot steps on it, a visibly terrified Ken stares off into space as Bart glances at him, the Rowdy 3 run around while their leader stares at Amanda's photo, and Dirk returns to an apartment of his own, opens his duffel bag to reveal the gorilla mask inside, and removes the kitten from the hotel. Todd walks home and notices lottery numbers for a ten thousand dollar prize being announced, the woman announcing them insisting that "every choice is a new beginning. It's never too late. This is your chance to fix everything." The wind blows one of Lydia's posters in Todd's face and, on a hunch, he takes out the lottery ticket and realizes that the winning numbers match the ones on the ticket.

Behind the scenes[]





Holistic Connections:[]

  • The woman at the end of the episode that is reading the lottery numbers is the same woman that Todd comforted in room 745. While on TV she is heard given a speech about how every second is a chance to change your life and how it is never too late to fix everything.
  • The strange girl seen at the end of the episode is the same missing girl Lydia Spring that the police are looking for and the same missing girl seen in several news reports and flyers throughout the episode.
  • When discussing the case, Todd's boss says that the police "think it's connected to something bigger" which is the overall arching theme of the season.
  • During their first meeting, Dirk is seen breaking into Todd's apartment the same way he broke into his own apartment when he accidentally locked himself out.
  • The unordered shot that Hugo Friedkin takes saves the life of Farah Black, who later becomes an important part of their case. She is also the woman that Detective Estevez and Detective Zimmerfield are trying to get into contact with as she knows Lydia Spring. The man who was shot has the same look as the men who show up at the hotel looking for a black cat as they are both a part of a cult known as the Men of the Machine.
  • When watching the security footage at the hotel, Estevez and Zimmerfield note a corgi running out of the hotel, the same corgi that is seen throughout the episode.
  • The man that Dirk almost hits when driving is the same man who owns the Corgi. He is seen holding flyers when he is almost hit which are probably lost posters for his dog.
  • Bart says she has a hunch that she needs to stop for gas despite the car not needing gas. It happens that the gas station she stops at had just been robbed and the owner shot. The two men she killed were the people who robbed the store.
  • Dirk says that Todd is destined to work his case and the universe will compensate him. This is seen at the end when he wins the lottery with the ticket he found.
  • Dorian Rothlighter was about to shoot Todd but his bullet missed and ricochets to eventually shoot himself in the head. It turns out the FBI had surveillance of the apartment complex because Dorian was a large scale drug dealer.
  • Dorian was demanding his rent at the beginning of the episode saying that Todd didn't pay him which Todd denies. At the end of the episode, Todd admits to breaking into Dorian's place and stealing the money back hoping that he wouldn't notice.
  • Dirk was the person at the beginning of the episode to take the black kitten that the strange bald men are looking for. It also shows that Dirk has a gorilla mask in his bag meaning he was the man from the video.
  • Todd find a lotto ticket at the scene of the crime which ends up being winning numbers.

Other Notes:[]

  • When Todd sees himself in the hotel, his other self can be heard exclaiming the words "TIME MACHINE"
  • Riggins calls Dirk "Project Icarus". He later calls the Rowdy 3 "Project Incubus".
  • Dirk says that he is "not in the CIA anymore".
  • Dirk says he laughs at the concept of time.
  • Bart says that the world often parallels and mirrors itself, turning inward.
  • Patrick Spring hired Dirk to investigate his death 6 weeks before he was murdered.
  • Dirk says that Todd was there the day the murder happened.
  • The leader of the Rowdy 3 takes a picture of Amanda from Todd's apartment.


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"You can't just break into my apartment!"

"Well clearly I can! I mean, I just did."

- Todd and Dirk after Dirk breaks into the apartment through the window

"Have you ever actually solved a case?"

"Sure. Tons. Well, some. Well, a few. There was a bit about a sofa, a thing with Thor..."
"Yes, he's not nearly as good-looking as people say."

- Todd and Dirk discuss Dirk's success rate

"I am not your Watson, asshole!"
- Todd to Dirk while trying not to be his assistant


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