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Jake Rainey is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Jake Rainey was a member of the Men of the Machine cult, and their leader, the Supreme Soul.


Jake Rainey was one of the hippie squatters that inhabited the Webb Mansion in the 1960s. When they found the machine in the basement and formed a cult around it and its soulswapping properties, Rainey became the leader of these Men of the Machine, styling himself the Supreme Soul.[1]

Rainey led the efforts of the cult to seize Edgar and Patrick Spring's Unlimited Energy Device in the following decades.[1]

During the 90s, Rainey was said by Pollux to have occupied a lot of different bodies.[2] Rainey then soulswapped into a female body, which he kept steady for the next decade and a half.

Around 2000, Rainey ordered Pollux to soulswap from Lux Dujour into Gordon Rimmer, to gain access to the Animal Transfer Unit in the Seattle Zoo through the latter's job. This was to facilitate a move of the cult's temple into the ATU.[2]

In 2016, Rainey witnessed Pollux/Gordon Rimmer's open insurgency. Moments after, Rainey was killed by the timetraveled Patrick Spring during the massacre at the Animal Transfer Unit.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Rainey is played by several actors: Matthew Bissett as Original Jake Rainey in the '60s, Shane Nicely as Eighties Jake Rainey, and Jessica Lowndes as his current body in the 2000s.



  • Rainey wears a necklace with a disc pendant with the machine's socket's plug design on it.
  • While at the temple in 2016, Rainey wears facepaint: on the upper face a superimposed circle and tip-down triangle bisected by a vertical line, and on the lower face five lines radiating down from his nose over the mouth and chin.