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Agent Joseph Weedle is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Weedle was an FBI agent who was investigating the drug dealings of Dorian Rothlighter. After becoming involved in the Patrick Spring case, Weedle's body was taken by the Men of the Machine.


Weedle was an FBI agent.

He and his partner Nathan were investigating Dorian Rothlighter, landlord of the Ridgely building, who was running an opioid ring[1].

They were outside the Ridgely when the Rowdy 3 attack Todd Brotzman's apartment and Dorian accidentally shot himself when confronting Todd. Rushing onto the scene, they got into a confused multi-agency standoff with the other forces on site.[2]

Thus Weedle and Nathan's investigation got entangled with the Spring case, and they started investigating Todd Brotzman. The day after the standoff they met and talked to Detectives Zimmerfield and Estevez. Later that day they observed the Men of the Machine carrying Farah Black's unconscious body out of the Ridgely, and decided to tail them, without informing the detectives. This led them to spying on the hostage exchange between Dirk Gently, Todd Brotzman and Gordon Rimmer of the Men of the Machine on Eastgate Bridge at midnight. When the exchange descended into chaos, the agents sprang into action. Nathan managed to shoot Fred but was shot dead by Zed, and Weedle was captured.[1]

Later, the Men of the Machine soulswapped Fred into Weedle's body, to get access to his FBI job. Weedle's soul was swapped into a mouse, which was then killed by being fed to Rapunzel the Corgi (inhabiting Lydia Spring's body).[3]

Weedle's body was used by the cult for a few days more, until Fred was shot dead inside that body by Farah Black.[4]

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