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The Kellum Mining Corporation is a company in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


The Kellum Mining Corporation (or just Kellum Corporation) is a mining company active in Bergsberg, Montana.

In the 1960s they tried to buy the land of the local couple Marina and Hector Cardenas. Hector refused to sell, but in 1967 Marina agreed to the sale. The Kellum Corporation bought her a new car. Directly after the sale, The '67 event happened and both Cardenases disappeared; soon after the government seized the Cardenas house and property.[1][2][3]

Unknown to them, the couple's son Francis had used the company's name for the villainous Mage Kellum and his Kellum Army in his imagined fantasy land Wendimoor, which he had made real with his reality-editing powers.

In the present the Kellum Corporation also worked at the Bergsberg quarry, where they had an office where manager Dan Samuels and Suzie Boreton worked.[4]

In Wendimoor there was a Kellum truck parked in the forest, which was taken by the Rowdy 3 as their vehicle on the rescue mission for Amanda and Todd Brotzman from the Dengdamor town.[2]

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