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Kitten-Shark is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


The Kitten-Shark was created by Pollux/Gordon Rimmer of the Men of the Machine as a weapon, a "weaponized soul". It is the soul of a great hammerhead shark (species Sphyrna mokarran) swapped into the body of a domestic cat, a black kitten. The shark soul could emerge out of the cat body, swim though the air and attack people or things, which caused actual physical harm.

Rimmer and his men took the kitten with them to the confrontation with Patrick Spring at the Perryman Grand Hotel penthouse. During the confrontation, the kitten was accidentally triggered. The shark soul killed two Men of the Machine, Patrick Spring, and damaged the penthouse, before it returned to its cat body. Dirk Gently then arrived at the penthouse and, as advised by his future self, picked up the cat before leaving.[1]

Dirk kept the kitten first in his bag[2], and then in his new apartment at the Ridgely building.[3]

Dirk took the kitten with them when he and Todd went on the treasure hunt for the Unlimited Energy Device in Skagit Valley. On the second day they were attacked by the Men of the Machine, and the kitten was triggered again, killing both attackers, Jed and the Young Coroner, and revealing its nature to Dirk and Todd. Later, the kitten disappeared in the woods, and Dirk and Todd left it behind after a fruitless search.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The Kitten was portrayed by several black kittens.
  • The character's opposite, the kitten-soul-in-a-shark was confirmed as dead by Max Landis.[5]