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Lieutenant Assistent is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Lieutenant Assistent worked at Project Blackwing, under Supervisor Hugo Friedkin.

When Friedkin professed his frustration with the Blackwing subjects he'd been seeing, Assistent suggested him to inspect Project Alpha.[1]







Behind the scenes[]

  • Lieutenant Assistent is portrayed by actor Amitai Marmorstein.
  • In the original casting breakdown Assistent's name was given as "Michael Assistent"[7]. Actor Amitai Marmorstein decided on the full fanon name "Michael Carlos Marvin Assistent"[8]. Before rediscovering the old casting name Marmorstein had crowdsourced the fans for his given name, and Marvin and Carlos had been fan favourites.[9]
  • Max Landis claims he had planned a Assistent/Dirk romance for future seasons.[10]




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