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Litzibitz Trost is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Litzibitz was a member of the Trost family in Wendimoor, the eldest[1] child of Jeppum Trost; she had a brother, Panto Trost.

The Middle of Everywhere[]

When the Dengdamors began burning Trost lands and her brother Panto had disapeared, Litzibitz tried to reason with her father Jeppum that Panto's death was not certain and that he had gone on a quest in pursuit of the prophecy, but her father dismissed both claims. Litzibitz then witnessed Jeppum receiving a gift of firearms from a group of Kellum Knights, to her protest.[2]

Litzibitz received a letter from Silas Dengdamor by messenger parrot, asking to meet on the Bridge. When her father arrived, she once more pleaded for peace and diplomacy with the Dengdamors, and called Jeppum a fool when he wouldn't agree. With her companions Bigby Badoo, Nibso Pwonk, and Zarf Empuni she set out to go to the meeting. On the way, she captured Amanda Brotzman and Farson Dengdamor, taking them with her. On The Bridge ahe learned that her bother Panto was alive and safe in Bergsberg, and that he'd found Dirk Gently who was now in Wendimoor. Then both sides' families arrived, having trailed them secretly; the situation devolved into a fight after Farson's assassination. Litzibitz cut Todd Brotzman's bindings and told him to fulfill the prophecy, before she was killed mid-sentence, shot in the head by a Dengdamor slingshotter.[1]

Litzibitz was resurrected when the Boy, Francis, restored Wendimoor; she is shown with other Trost family members peacefully meeting the Dengdamor family in their town.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Litzibitz Trost is portrayed by actress Anja Savcic.