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"Lost & Found" is an episode of the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the second episode of season 1.


Todd is drawn further into the case as they learn more about the fiends who captured Patrick Spring's daughter, Lydia. Mysterious characters take a step closer to a collision, culminating in an absurd hostage exchange.


Intro A series of television screens display Ed and his companion, Zed, the kitten falling through the air, a disoriented Amanda Brotzman, the Rowdy 3's van, an ouroboros, a man making a "shhh" motion and winking, Dirk Gently staring at a pocket knife, Todd Brotzman holding the corgi, one FBI agent looking at something while the other draws his gun, Scott Riggins sliding across the frame from top to bottom, Farah Black breaking her chains, Estevez trying to fit two puzzle pieces together, Zimmerfield reading something, the corgi's owner punching the air in frustration, Lydia Spring glancing around and making strange motions, Ken Adams pleading with someone, and Bart Curlish putting a gun to her head. They transition to only displaying Dirk with the knife.


Two Days Ago
Lydia calls Farah Black on the phone and begs for her help, saying she is at the Ridgely. Really being held at gunpoint by the corgi's owner, Lydia suddenly warns Farah not to come before the call ends abruptly.

Farah arrives at the Ridgely and cautiously enters the foyer, where she is attacked by two bald men (Zed and Ed), but she incapacitates them and moves up the stairs. In an upstairs hallway, Farah knocks on and tries to enter several apartments. She picks one door and, gun in hand, begs the occupant to open up. Inside is Todd Brotzman, who sees her through the peephole, but doesn't make himself known. The men from downstairs then catch up with her and during the fight manage to tazer Farah into submission.

Farah wakes on the floor of the red-illuminated room, next to her captor's's corpse, still chained to the bed's headboard she'd managed to rip loose. She grabs for the saw lying nearby, but just as she gets a hold of it she is interrupted by a whole group of the bald men.

Act One[]

Estevez and Zimmerfield observe Patrick Spring's headless body and asks the coroner where the head is, finding it is being kept separate. When Estevez asks after the other two bodies, he says they were transferred to an FBI lab to analyze the cause of death, and he reveals the bite marks found in the bodies match the teeth of a hammerhead shark.

Dirk relays this information to Todd while they stake out outside the house where the latter saw Lydia Spring, although he does not explain how he knows this. He compliments Todd on informing him of what he saw, and Todd tells him he took Dirk's speech about "things being connected" in mind and decided telling him was the right thing to do. When Dirk points out that this connects Todd further to the case, he moves to leave and Dirk asks him where he is going, as he is now unemployed. Todd reluctantly shows him the lottery ticket, explaining that it is enough for him to "start to fix things," and Dirk smugly points out that the universe is rewarding him just as he said it would. The dog's owner comes home and Todd asks if they should call the police. Dirk instead takes the lottery ticket and runs towards the house as the man starts to close the garage, forcing Todd to chase after him and duck under the door, locking them both inside as it shuts.

Bart's car breaks down in the middle of the woods. Ken asks if she is going to try and fix it, but she states that it will "start up again when it's meant to." She has Ken get out of the car and asks why no one has come looking for him yet, as she has his phone and no one has called it. Ken claims he has a girlfriend that will come looking for him soon, but Bart easily detects him lying. She holds him at gunpoint and asks who the man she killed was and why Ken was working with him, and Ken explains he is an electrician who is hired by people to do illegal jobs, and she interrupted him while he was building a power converter to siphon electricity from a larger grid. Bart thanks him for being honest, stating that that was the most anyone had said to her in over five years, most people just begging for their lives. A man on a motorcycle approaches them.

As Todd berates Dirk for locking him in, Dirk examines the garage and finds the man to be Gordon Rimmer, also finding an old picture of him with a woman that shows him cheerful and cleaned up and noting the walls covered with memorabilia of vanished rockstar Lux Dujour. As Todd grabs the garage door opener, Dirk warns him that using it will create too much noise and that they should instead investigate further. Todd refuses, and Dirk crumples up the lottery ticket and tosses it inside the house. Enraged, Todd grabs and shouts at him until Dirk reminds him to be quiet.

Amanda takes her Pararibulitis medication and goes outside to smoke, and the Rowdy 3's van rolls up the street. Amanda notices it seems to be following her, and runs back inside when a streetlight above it shatters.

Inside Rimmer's house, he is tattooing his arm while Lydia traverses the room on all fours, whimpering like a dog when Rimmer's corgi barks at her and chasing after a toy when Rimmer throws it across the room, addressing Lydia as "Rapunzel". Rimmer gets a call and begins shouting at someone, talking about "the two guys from the hotel, the giraffe and the gorilla," "Red, way out in the middle of nowhere," and a shootout at the "animal transfer unit, bodies everywhere." Todd and Dirk crawl towards the lottery ticket while he is distracted and Todd grabs it, only to be approached by Lydia, who licks his cheek. As Dirk expresses excitement at finding her, they hide in the bathroom when Rimmer turns around. Rimmer starts shouting about someone dead named "Rainey" and that he is now the "Supreme Soul." Todd leans over and looks through the door, seeing that Rimmer has a gun in his belt.

Men of the machine dghda102 ridgely riMV5BMjM2Nj

Farah Black's captors.

Farah breaks Zed's nose until she is tased by Ed and two bald men restrain her. Ed introduces them, all their names ending in "ed," although he notes that they are not their real names. Furious, Farah asks where Lydia is and what they did to Patrick, only to learn that Patrick is dead. Ed asks where "the kitten" is, how Patrick Spring was in two places at the same time, and who killed the man who chained her up. When she does not answer, they torture her using an electric device.

Outside the Ridgely, FBI agent Nathan thanks his partner, Joseph Weedle, for covering him the other day, as he was busy working out his divorce proceedings, stating that "it's like becoming a whole other person." Weedle asks after his wife Sammy until the detectives approach them, asking after the missing bodies. The agents confirm they did not and the two groups part ways, each privately insulting the other. Zimmerfield reminds Estevez that Lydia is their primary concern.

As the man fixes up their car, Ken approaches him and asks if he can call a cab to get him away from Bart, but learn that the area is incredibly isolated. Bart taunts him for trying to get away and gives him some food, then tells him about a program she wa part of as a child in which there were other people like her that she never met. Ken asks who Dirk Gently is, and she claims he came to her in a dream and that "the world will take me where I need to go" and that she is like "a leaf in the stream of creation, until I find Dirk Gently, and then I'm a piranha." She moves to kill the man, but Ken stops her.

Dirk apologizes for trapping Todd in Rimmer's house as Todd tries to get the bathroom window open. Rimmer continues to shout at someone on the phone about how he is creating a "beautiful thing" and that he will kill anyone that gets in his way, and Lydia bugs Dirk with the toy in her mouth. Dirk removes it and throws it across the room while the corgi tugs on her leg, and it hits a candle that sets a stack of papers ablaze. Lydia starts to bark and Todd's phone rings just as he gets the window open. Todd jumps out the window with the shower curtain stuck around his body and Rimmer catches Dirk trying to escape, seemingly recognzing him. Dirk throws a stack of cards at him and slams the door, ducking to avoid Rimmer shooting through it. Todd flees upon hearing the gunshots and Dirk follows a minute later, taking the corgi with him, Rimmer being too distracted by his burning house to chase him.

Act Three[]

Amanda, having called Todd only to get no answer, watches the van outside and asks if Dirk had people following him. She goes outside and throws a brick at it, asking it what it wants, before having a Pararibulitis attack in which she envisions her hands covered in frost. She hurriedly takes her medication and waits for the attack to subside. A brick crashes through her window and she finds a note attached to it, simply reading "Hi."

The detectives head back to the coroner's for answers, only to find the one they talked to gone. The on-duty coroner states that he does not have a partner and was not on duty when they talked to the other coroner that morning.

The agents watch as the bald men carry an unconscious Farah across the street and toss her in the back of a truck. Not wanting the detectives to "make us the bitch" by reporting it to them, they decide to follow it themselves.

Todd is about to call Amanda back when Dirk joins him, still holding the dog. Dirk notes that there are multiple animals in the case, and Todd remembers him mentioning the shark and asks how he knew about it. Dirk claims he didn't know at all and Todd moves to leave. but Dirk notes that Rimmer called Lydia "Rapunzel", which he finds suspicious. He theorizes that Lydia was somehow hypnotized to believe she was a dog and Todd shouts at him, telling him to just call the police and that Lydia seemed unrestrained and happy. He storms away and shakes off the shower curtain when Dirk points out he is still wearing it, only for Dirk to stop him when he states he does not like his job because of all the death and destruction he sees. Todd ask why he doesn't just quit, but Dirk explains that he is "a leaf in the stream of creation, right up until who I find whoever or whatever killed Patrick Spring. And then it will just take me somewhere new." Having accidentally given Rimmer his number by throwing his business cards at him, Dirk gets a text stating that "we have your friend," instructing him to give him the dog or she will be killed. Todd looks at the message and attached picture, realizing it is the woman he turned away at the door. Rimmer sets a meeting place at midnight on a bridge. Dirk gleefully tells him that he knew the dog was important.

Act Four[]

Dirk Gently 2016 EW

Dirk Gently and Todd Brotzman with Rapunzel.

Around midnight, Todd and Dirk are waiting on the bridge, the former nervous and the latter misunderstanding the saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight and taking a pocket knife along. Rimmer arrives in the truck and the two parties get out of their vehicles, the agents watching nearby, recognizing Todd and Dirk and deciding to arrest them once the deal is over. Rimmer brings a helmet-clad Farah out, telling the two to give him Rapunzel or he will kill her. Dirk counters with a demand to give them Farah, or Todd will throw Rapunzel off the bridge. Dirk and Rimmer begin asking each other questions neither of them know the answers to, Rimmer claiming Todd and Dirk killed Patrick Spring. The agents decide that everyone in the bridge are the "stupidest goddamn people alive," confused by their questions. As Rimmer demands Rapunzel, Todd, feeling guilty for turning Farah away, dangles the dog over the bridge and demands she be let go. As Rimmer shouts that he will "burn the soul out of your body for what you've done to us," a female voice suddenly shouts "no!" and the dog glows with blue energy, a human face emerging from it and begging Todd to help her. Shocked, he drops it off the bridge and Farah uses the distracton to knock Rimmer down, running to Dirk's car. Fred, a bald man, emerges from the back of a truck and fires a crossbow at Todd, missing, and is shot twice by Nathan. The bald men rush the agents, killing Nathan with a crossbow and beating Weedle unconscious. Todd, Farah and Dirk flee to the car and drive off. In the aftermath, Rimmer cannot find Rapunzel in the water and asks the bald men what happened. Zed explains the agents' presence and shows him their FBI badges. Realizing Weedle is still alive, Rimmer asks Fred "how would you like to be a secret agent?" Watching from nearby, Rapunzel scampers away.

Act Five[]

The man finishes working on the car and Ken warns him to run, but he reveals that he only fixed it so he could drive the car somewhere to be disassembled and sold, and that he is going to kill Ken and Bart. Despite this, Ken insists that he is in danger, and reluctantly tells Bart she can kill the man when he laughs him off. Bart casually sidesteps the bullets he shoots at her, and the gun repeatedly jams when put to her head. She grabs it and pistol-whips him to death. Stunned, Ken asks if she dodged a bullet, and she says that "the bullet dodged me," explaining that she is "special" and the universe does not allow her to be hurt. She demonstrates by putting the man's gun to her head, the gun jamming every time she pulls the trigger but firing whenever she holds it away. Ken notes that she hasn't killed him yet, yet she kills everyone she meets, and she states that that makes him "special" too.

Scott Riggins meets with his new superior, Wilson, and an oversight committee about "Project Blackwing". She notes that the project had already been tried fifteen years prior, but thirty of its test subjects escaped, but Riggins counters that he has only been giving the project to track one: Dirk, or "Icarus". She gives him one more chance to successfully track them down, or all subjects will be "eliminated," starting with Dirk.

Dirk and Todd carry a dazed Farah into Dirk's apartment and remove her mask. As Todd gets her some water, Dirk thanks him for being there and Todd, now much more invested in the case, excitedly tells Dirk that he truly believes "it is connected." He begins to tell him about seeing himself at the hotel, but stops when he notices the cat. Dirk explains that the cat is the one everyone has been looking for just as Farah addresses him by name. Todd gapes at him in shock, realizing that Rimmer was referring to Dirk when he said "'your' friend," and attacks him.

Amanda opens her garage and drums at the van, noticing it revs the harder she plays. She finishes her solo and gives the van the middle finger.

Behind the scenes[]

  • During the filming of the bridge hostage exchange scene Samuel Barnett slipped and badly injured his right shoulder. The resulting favoring of the limb and the increased necessity for actor doubles standing in for some things can be noticed during a careful viewing of season 1.



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Holistic Connections[]

  • Farah and Todd have previously crossed paths when she knocked on his door at the Ridgley. Also since Dirk refers to Farah by name, he must have also crossed paths with her before.
  • Bart tells Ken Adams that the universe sends her people she is meant to kill. She knows she must kill the man who fixes their car before they find out that he had planned on robbing and murdering them.
  • In episode one Dirk referred to a magic car fixing robot and in episode two a biker fixes Bart's car.
  • Gordon says on the phone that he can feel that someone is watching them, all while Todd and Dirk are in his house listening.
  • When discussing his divorce, Nathan tells Agent Weedle that it's like becoming a whole other person. Later on in the episode, Gordon asks one of the bald men if he would like to become Weedle.
  • In Gordon's house, Lydia displays dog-like mannerisms and Gordon even addresses her as "Rapunzel". It is later revealed that Lydia is actually in Rapunzel's body.
  • Dirk and Bart state almost identical lines about how they are leaves in the universe, destined to go where they are meant to go.
  • Bart tells Ken that he must be alive because he is special. In the previous episode when Bart was trying to kill Ken, she became winded at the same time he did, keeping her from assassinating him.
  • Having stolen Amanda's photo in the previous episode, the Rowdy 3 begin pursuing her instead of Dirk.
  • Dirk had previously mentioned that he was not part of the CIA anymore, this is explained in the episode as he, along with the Rowdy 3, are escaped subjects of the CIA Project Blackwing.

Other Notes[]

  • Dirk thinks that Lux DuJour may be somewhere in the house that Lydia Spring is at.
  • Gordon says that the "giraffe" and the "gorilla" men back at the hotel were in on something that affected him. He also says that the Giraffe had tried to kill him.
  • Ed wants to know how Patrick Spring could have been in two places at once.
  • When Gordon finds Dirk in the bathroom he exclaims "YOU!" implying that he has met Dirk before though Dirk doesn't seem to know why.
  • Dirk literally brings a knife to a gun fight, having misconstrued the well-known saying.
  • Dirk seems to know a lot more about the case than he is letting on.
  • Gordon tells Todd that he will fry the soul right out of his body.


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Dirk: Well, you know what they say about bringing a knife to a gun fight.
Todd: That it's bad?
Dirk: Oh, bloody hell, is that what that means?
--Dirk and Todd discuss Dirk's pocketknife

Gordon Rimmer: Why did you attack us?
Dirk: We didn't! How do you know who we are?
Rimmer: We don't. Where is the kitten?
Todd: What kitten?
Dirk: Who's that woman?
Rimmer: You don't know her?
Dirk: Do you?
Rimmer: Why did you burn my house down?
Dirk: I burnt your house down?
Todd: Where's Lydia?
Rimmer: She's not here. [dog barks] Bring me the dog.
Dirk: Why do you want it?
Rimmer: Why did you take it?
Todd: We don't know!
Rimmer: Why did you kill Patrick Spring?
Todd: We didn't.
Dirk: Did you?
Rimmer: Just, just bring me the dog!
--Dirk, Todd, and Gordon Rimmer in the hostage exchange on Eastgate Bridge


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