Martin is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. He is a member and the leader of the Rowdy 3, and a psychic vampire.


Early lifeEdit

At some point Martin, along with Cross, Gripps, and -- separate and later -- Vogel were discovered and collected by Project Blackwing, and they received the collective codename Project Incubus. They were brought in by Mr. Priest.[1]

After the first temporary end of Project Blackwing, Martin and the others roamed free, calling themselves the The Rowdy 3.

They began tailing fellow Blackwing project Dirk Gently to feed off of his energy.[2]

Season 1 (A Completely Lost Dog)Edit

Martin, as the driver of the Rowdy 3's van, has been following Dirk Gently. After Todd Brotzman and Dirk return to Todd's apartment, Martin and the other Rowdy 3 members break into Todd's apartment and begin destroying the place. Once they finish wreaking havoc, Martin and the others surround Dirk and suck energy from him. On his way out, Martin grabs a picture of Amanda Brotzman.

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Season 2 (The Middle of Everywhere)Edit


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Martin wears glasses.

He is an anomalous entity, described as a psychic/energy vampire; for his abilities, see description of the group's abilities at the article The Rowdy 3.

Behind the scenesEdit



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