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Osmund Priest, called Mr. Priest, is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Early life[]

Osmund[1] Priest is a bounty hunter, working for the CIA's Project Blackwing.

Priest brought in 30 of the original 42 Blackwing subjects[2], including Dirk Gently, the Rowdy 3, and Bart Curlish.[3] The feat of bringing in Bart especially gave him a reputation and high standing in Blackwing.[4]

Most information about Priest was classified after 1996, after the so called "Diamond Incident". Files about this mission were strongly redacted, but include the words 'child' and 'beheading'.[1]

The Middle of Everywhere[]



Behind the scenes[]

  • Mr. Priest is portrayed by actor Alan Tudyk.




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