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Odin's contract in the Sellotaped envelope is an object in The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.

It is a large envelope, slit open at one end and resealed with Sellotape many times over. On it is a long succession of people it has been adressed to, whose names have been crossed out. Inside is a bundle of loose sheets of paper, inscribed with runic script.


The god Odin made a contract with Cynthia and Clive Draycott, selling them the power of the Norse gods.


The contract was passed along a succession of people, bringing each of them fortune before being passed on to the next, before ending in the hands of Geoffrey Anstey. ...

The envelope was hidden behind a "Hot Potato" gold record hung on the bathroom wall of Anstey's Lupton Road house. After Anstey's death, Dirk Gently found the envelope and took it with him.

In the end, the contract was ripped up and incinerated by Thor.


Behind the scenes[]