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Project Blackwing is an organisation in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Blackwing is a CIA division tasked with searching for anomalous entities, studying them and dealing with anomalous entities.


Early history[]

In 1988[1] the American Central Intelligence Agency founded a special division, created and led by Scott Riggins as its Operations Chief, which was codenamed (Project) Blackwing. Blackwing's purpose was to seek, investigate, and collect beings with superhuman and paranormal perceptions and abilities (anomalous entities). Previously a government project with similar function had existed in Project Black Book.

In the following time, Blackwing found and collected a number of paranormal phenomena, totaling 42[2] subjects. 30 of these 42 subjects were brought in by Mr. Priest.[2]

The research and its results were found to be insufficient by the CIA. This went along with a possible closing down ("shutdown") and/or inmate escape ("breach"), resulting in a number of subjects leaving Blackwing's control.[3] This was possibly approximately around the year 2000, given as Dirk Gently's last contact with the project.[1]

By 2016, Project Blackwing had been downgraded and operated on a limited budget.[3]


In 2016, Blackwing had surveillance on Dirk Gently at the beginning of the Spring case, conducted by Riggins and the newly assigned Hugo Friedkin.[4]

At the same time, Project Blackwing was under review by a CIA oversight committee lead by Wilson, who Riggins now answered to. Wilson tasked Riggins with retrieving the Blackwing subjects at large, of which there were over 30; if this failed she threatened the elimination of the subjects.[3]

Riggins, still accompanied by Friedkin, attempted to convince Dirk Gently[1], and the Rowdy 3[5] to return with him to Blackwing, but was unsuccessful.

A few days later, Riggins was replaced by Hugo Friedkin, who was believed by Wilson to be more proactive and aggressive. Blackwing was then fully reinstated and funded.[5][6]

Under Friedkin's command, the first actions were the cleanup of the Spring case and the Men of the Machine cult, as well as the attempted retrieval of the free former Blackwing subjects. The Spring case purge led to much property destruction and deaths, as all related material and people were either seized or removed.[6]

Under Friedkin[]

Blackwing managed to recapture Projects Icarus and three of Incubus, and took in Ken and Rapunzel, who were designated "Project Alpha". Marzanna and Vogel, as well as these subjects' associates (Todd, Farah, Amanda) managed to elude them and became fugitives. Project Moloch was retrieved. The subjects were held at the Project Blackwing facility. Unknown to Blackwing, Mona Wilder was present at the facility in her toy-shape.[7]










Members, personnel and affiliated people:

Blackwing subjects[]

Blackwing's subjects are a number of individuals with a range of paranormal abilities and connected phenomena (anomalous entities). Each subject is assigned a project name and a symbol; the names are usually a mythological reference, while the symbols are geometrical designs. The original project encompassed 42[2] subjects.

At Blackwing (under Friedkin), subjects wear overalls with a differently-colored band across the chest and arms and their project symbol on the left breast.

The project names and symbols were first seen on a screen during the CIA meeting in episode Lost & Found. (may contain errors)

  1. Project Incubus
  2. Project Abaddon
  3. Project Marzanna
  4. Project Succubus
  5. Project Athos
  6. Project Griffin
  7. Project Cain
  8. Project Herodias
  9. Project Aea
  10. Project Cetus
  11. Project Orthrus
  12. Project Lamia
  13. Project Echidna
  14. Project Harpy
  15. Project Icarus
  16. Project Cerberus
  17. Project Cheron
  18. Project Brontes
  19. Project Baler (unconfirmed, circle with two lines through)
  20. Project Slaugh
  21. Project Carman
  22. Project Gog
  23. Project Python
  24. Project Satyr
  25. Project Banshee
  26. Project Bogle
  27. Project Mot
  28. Project Chiron
  29. Project Dullamann
  30. Project Wraith
  31. Project Miru
  32. Project Phoenix
  33. Project Golem
  34. Project Enyo
  35. Project Moloch
  36. Project Vesta
  37. Project Bel
  38. Project Valkyres
  39. Project Elli
  40. Project Modi
  41. Project Dagon
  42. Project Jofur (unconfirmed, circle with three vertical lines on left inside)
  43. Project Alpha

Behind the scenes[]

  • Project Blackwing is sometimes spelled as Project Black Wing.
  • Project Blackwing was inspired by the Woodshead Hospital in The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul.[14]
  • Season 1 contains seven people of four Blackwing subjects: Dirk Gently/Icarus, Bart Curlish/Marzanna, the four Rowdy 3/Incubus, and covertly Mona Wilder/Lamia[15].
  • The Blackwing project names seen onscreen in Ep 1.02 were cleaned up by fans and posted as an image[16]. Inbetween seasons 1 and 2, the symbol chart was picked up by Max Landis on Twitter[17] with additional colored-in information, labelled "Season 2". Icarus, Incubus, and Marzanna were marked green (presumed to be season 1's featured projects; confirmed), Herodias, Lamia, Banshee, Bel were marked orange (were presumed to be in season 2, but this changed during production), and Moloch marked blue.
  • The mandala-like season 2 poster shows seven Blackwing symbols in its center: Projects Icarus, Incubus, Valkyres, Orthrus, Marzanna, Lamia, clockwise around Cheron. The i dot of the "Dirk" in the title contains the Project Moloch symbol. Of the depicted, the Projects Valkyres, Orthrus, and Cheron do not appear in season 2, unless they do so covertly.