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Richard MacDuff is a character in Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books.

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Early life[]

In the 1970s, Richard MacDuff was a student at St. Cedd's College, Cambridge for three years. Urban Chronotis was his college tutor. Richard played keyboard in the rock group The Reasonably Good Band.[1]

After leaving Cambridge, he was poor for three years. During that time he had a number of different jobs, one of which was a road sweeper; at night on his own time, he worked on his computer.[1]

Richard then became a programmer at Gordon Way's WayForward Technologies. Gordon assigned him to write an accounting program for the Apple Macintosh. This became Anthem, which on top of its accouning functions could turn the spreadsheet numbers into music pieces.[1]

He wrote an article titled "Music and Fractal Landscapes", which was published in Fathom.[1]

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency[]

Richard was invited by his former college tutor Urban Chronotis to attend the Coleridge Dinner at St. Cedd's College, held one November evening.[1]


In adaptations[]


Richard MacDuff is a young man, and is tall, thin and angular. Dirk Gently describes him as "Tall and absurdly thin. And good-natured.".

Behind the scenes[]