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The Ridgely is a building in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, appearing in its Season 1.

The Ridgely is a red brick building, at the address 515 Ridgely Lane[1], at the center of the Springsborough neighborhood in Seattle. Todd Brotzman's apartment is there.


Sometime around the 1970s, inventor Edgar Spring moved into the Ridgely. In a room under the building he housed his Unlimited Energy Device.[2][3]

In 1978, Edgar buried his own power grid in a three-mile radius around the Ridgely, named the area "Springsborough" and used the UED to power that part of the city until the mid-1990s[2]. Then he left and moved to the Spring Mansion, and took the UED with him.

After 2001, Patrick Spring built the Springsborough maze.

Many years later, Todd Brotzman lived in an apartment at the Ridgely.

Features and inhabitants[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The real building portraying the outside of the Ridgely is Connaught Apartments, 2404 Guelph Street, Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Vancouver.