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Scott Boreton is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Early life[]

Scott Boreton is the son of Suzie and Bob Boreton.

He lived in a house in Bergsberg with his parents, and the dog Agrajag.[1]

Strange happenings[]

One morning Scott set off fireworks in their car, in protest of his mother not having procured him tickets for the music festival Sound of Nothing as she had promised she'd do. Suzie was woken by the fireworks and hurried outside to tell him to stop, resulting in a verbal altercation that ended in Suzie confiscating Scott's phone and Scott in return locking her out of the house.[1]

During the next day, Scott was looking for his car keys. He went to ask his mother, who was locked in the bathroom. They started arguing again when she told him to look in his old pants; Scott looked and found them there, but told her angrily he was going to go out and be back late. At night Scott was driving when in an inattentive moment he hit a strange pink haired man, who picked himself back up and ran off.[2]







With the demise of the Mage and Suzie, Scott and his father Bob were restored to normal. They continued their life in Bergsberg, and adopted a new puppy.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Scott Boreton is portrayed by actor Jared Ager-Foster.