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Scott Riggins is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

Colonel Scott Riggins is a CIA agent, and the creator and head of Project Blackwing.


Riggins was the head of the CIA Project Blackwing, a project designed to observe individuals with special abilities. After an initial breach in which over 30 of these individuals escaped, Riggins was entrusted with the mission to recapture them. Having only the funds to observe one of these subjects (Dirk Gently), Riggins instead tried to protect Dirk rather than capture him, much to the dismay of his right hand man Sgt. Hugo Friedkin. (read more)

Following his consistent failure to recapture his escaped subjects, the CIA give Riggins one last chance to secure all subjects before they take further action. (read more)

Riggins and Friedkin confront Dirk in Todd's apartment and Riggins tries to reason with him to return to the CIA before things get worse. Dirk, however, doesn't trust Riggins and declines. (read more)


Behind the scenes[]

  • Scott Riggins is portrayed by actor Miguel Sandoval.