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Silas Dengdamor is a character in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


Early life[]

Silas is a member of the Dengdamor family, the eldest son[2] of Frija Dengdamor; he has a brother, Farson Dengdamor.


Trying for peace[]

Silas Dengdamor confronted Panto Trost, who promised the Trost family was not responsible for the disappearance of Silas's bother Farson. Silas believed him, and let Panto continue on his quest to find Dirk Gently.[3]

Returning home, Silas and Wygar reported to Frija Dengdamor. Silas attempted lying about Panto falling to his death while dueling him, but Frija questioned his story. Wygar then stood and told a different lie about Silas fighing Panto and needing to be aided by Wygar, during which Panto managed to flee. Disappointed and enraged, Frija ordered the Trost farmlands burned down. Silas pleaded to his mother for unity between the families in the face of their common enemy the Mage, and to think of the prophecy, but Frija dismissed it as fiction.[2]

After Frija announced to her people they were going to attack the Trosts, Silas sent a letter by messenger parrot to Litzibitz Trost, to warn her of the attack and ask for a meeting. ...[4]

Open conflict[]



Silas was resurrected when the Boy, Francis, restored Wendimoor; he is shown on a bridge with his beloved Panto.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Silas Dengdamor is portrayed by actor Lee Majdoub.
  • Silas wears pink nail polish on his left ring finger to show his love for Panto, and wears gloves to hide the nail polish from untrusted eyes. It can be seen in the scene where he sends the message to Litzibitz Trost in "That Is Not Miami".[8]