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Sound of Nothing is an event in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


"Sound of Nothing" is a music festival, held in Bergsberg, Montana. It was held since at least the 1980s.[1] It is Southern Montana's third-largest music festival.[2]

Scott Boreton wanted tickets to "Sound of Nothing" and when his mother Suzie had promised to get him tickets, but then didn't, Scott acted out and set off fireworks in the family's car, leading to an altercation with his mother.[3]

The Bergsberg County Sheriff's Department kept leftover clothes and things from the festival and its camping grounds, storing them in evidence lock-up. Tina Tevetino gave Dirk, Todd, and Farah access to it to dress themselves.[1]

When the event arrived, there was a concert held in a barn. Dirk, Todd, Farah and Tina went to look for Scott Boreton there on advice of his mother Suzie; Scott was found but escaped. Suzie Boreton meanwhile was there looking to kill Dirk Gently. As DJ Applesauce came on stage, Suzie cast a spell that whammied the crowd into a calm blissful state. She dropped her magic wand and had to crawl after it trying to retrieve it.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Todd wears a "Sound of Nothing" shirt at the end of 2.10.[4]