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A photo of the Spring Mansion.

The Spring Mansion is a building in the television series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, appearing in its Season 1.

The Spring Mansion on the Spring Estate in Seattle was the residence of billionaire Patrick Spring.


The Mansion was built in the 1880s for inventor Zackariah Webb, named the Webb Mansion.[1]

Webb was working on a machine in the basement laboratory. Webb disappeared in 1886, leaving the house behind.[2]

In the 1960s the house was inhabited by squatters.[1] In 1968 the machine reappeared in the house, and was adopted by the hippie squatters who formed the Men of the Machine cult.[2]

In the mid-1990s, Patrick Spring bought the Webb Mansion from the government, and moved in with his family.

During the Spring case, Farah Black went back to the Spring Mansion with Dirk Gently after she had been freed from her kidnapping during which Patrick had been murdered. Patrick's lawyer, John Dollow, met them and gave them an envelope inscribed with "3? 1!" as instructed by Patrick. The envelope contained a map, which led them to Webb's laboratory in the basement. The lab's door had been hidden behind drywall, and required the entering of the time 10:01 on the clock in the door to open; the time has been noted on the map from the envelope. In the lab, they found a letter from Patrick, a lightbulb, a crank, and a map of the Springsborough electrical grid; the items needed to find and pass through the Springsborough maze.[1]

At the end of the case, on the 10.08.2016, the Agency team and Detective Estevez brought Lydia Spring and Rapunzel the Corgi to the laboratory and soulswapped them back, using the Soul Exchanger and the lab's socket. The Men of the Machine staged an assault on the Mansion; Farah and Estevez went upstairs to fight them, during which the former killed Gordon Rimmer. Outside the rest of their forces were beat up by the Rowdy 3. Bart Curlish and Ken Adams also arrived at the Mansion, the former killing cultist attackers and the latter repairing the machine. The fixed machine was sent back in time.[3]

The next day, Farah saw the restored Lydia off at the Mansion. Later that day, the Spring Mansion was burned down on orders from Hugo Friedkin, as part of the government clean-up and cover-up after the Spring case and the Men of the Machine cult.[3]


  • A room in the basement, The Laboratory of Zackariah Webb, with a socket for the machine. Contained several clues and items for the treasure hunt for the machine, needed to find and pass through the Springsborough maze.
  • the Spring Mansion has six entrances[3]
  • Rhino barn, for Patrick's pet rhino Pepe.[1]
  • gardens
  • graves for Webb's pets[4]

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