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The lightbulb room.

The Springsborough maze exists in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, appearing in its Season 1.

The maze, often called "death maze", was built under the Springsborough neighborhood in Seattle.


Patrick Spring built the maze after returning back to the year 2001 from the future.[1]

Dirk Gently and Todd Brotzman worked their way though the maze on the fifth day of the Spring case. In the final room an accidental fire was caused, from which they were rescued by the Rowdy 3, who broke through a basement wall in the Ridgely building to reach them. The screen map seemed lost to the malfunction at first, but Amanda Brotzman was inspired by her vision and led the group back to the basement. There, the crank could be inserted in a clockface over the machine's socket, and turning the crank switched the screen array with the map back on.[2]

The maze[]

Ridgely socket room screens dghda104

The screen array in the socket room.

The maze was entered at an electrical grid access point building, and led to the socket room under the Ridgely building.[2]

Entering and passing though the maze required a number of tests and several items found in the Spring Mansion's secret basement laboratory.

  • The access point was found with an electrical grid map (Spring's 2nd map).
  • The maze was entered through a trap door, though insertion of the crank.
  • Lightbulb room: A room studded with many light bulbs, with the walls moving inward. The Everbulb could be inserted in the exit door, and used as a door handle to open it.
  • Rhino room: Held a rhino horn, and a sculpted rhino head on the exit door. The door head was inhabited by Pepe's ghost, which attacked on being disturbed. Connecting it the the horn drained the ghost into it, freeing the exit door.
  • The maze ends in the socket room under the Ridgely. As the final room of the maze, the room contained an array of screens. Once entered, the screens started up and showed a variety of images, which had to be connected in pairs via the press of a button on the bottom of the screens. In a second stage numbers were shown and had to be matched. Once both stages had been passed, the screens showed a map of Skagit Valley (Spring's 3rd map), a treasure map with a path and marks for the parts of the Unlimited Energy Device.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Considering the time Dirk and Todd spent in the maze, it may have been bigger and contained more tests than were shown in the series.