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"Two Broken Fingers" is an episode of the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the third episode of season 2.


While investigating the 50-year-old case of the two dead bodies, Dirk and the gang are surprisingly joined by Bart, who relays that she was assaulted and spins the case in a new direction — an investigation into Suzie Boreton. Elsewhere, Amanda attempts to follow the clues from her visions, unaware that Blackwing is closing in.


A hand holding a candle shines light on a mural. It depcits farmland, and another hand is in the middle of drawing a farmer with pink hair.

The Trost's farmland is burning as their ruler, Jeppum Trost, accuses the Dengdamors, as well as pointing the finger at them for the disappearance and supposed death of his son Panto. His daughter Litzibitz insists that this may not be the case, as Panto had said he was trying to get to the "other world" and fulfill the prophecy with help from "Wakti Wapnasi." She reminds him that the Dengdamors think they are responsible for the disappearance of Prince Farson Dengdamor and that they just need to "find the boy," but Jeppum interrupts that her brother is dead and she should be more focused on that. Kellum knights arrive with a weapon in a box for Jeppum, "a gift from The Mage," which is revealed to be an assault rifle. He declares "death to the Dengdamors!" and fires it into the air.

Todd Brotzman and Farah Black sleep soundly in their holding cells, but Dirk Gently lies awake and visibly troubled until Tina Tevetino enters to wake them. She offers to let them try on some old police uniforms (which Farah points out is illegal) and vintage clothes in evidence lockup that Sherlock Hobbs collected after an annual music festival and runs off to show them, forgetting to unlock their cells and just throwing the keys through the bars. Dirk tries on his new jacket and gleefully declares "best case ever." Todd and Farah get dressed in police uniforms, Farah still a little uncomfortable because she feels it needs to be "earned," and she and Todd try to flirt in their new cop personas only for Todd to go off-course and kill the mood. Hobbs and Farah chisel out Hector Cardenas' body from the part of the tree they found him in while Todd and Tina watch. Todd notices Dirk is absent and asks if he wants to come watch, but he surprisingly turns him down. Having chiseled out Cardenas' head, Tina notices two holes in the skull, and Farah notes they are a puncture wound and realizes he was dead before he was put in the tree.

As Vogel and Amanda Brotzman drive, she thanks him for stealing food for her but warns him to keep a lower profile, and starts to tell him what role to assume if anyone questions them. He asks if he should try to pass as her son until Amanda points out he is older than her, and was instead going to suggest pretending as though they were dating, which shocks and disgusts him. They drive past a scarecrow that Amanda realizes is similar to one from a previous vision.

Osmund Priest tracks and follows them in a tactical car, pointing out to Hugo Friedkin that "they're traveling in a car with a '3' on it" when asked how he found them so easily.

Todd wonders if whatever put Hector inside the tree put Marina Cardenas and her car in another tree. Dirk awkwardly tries to explain the event as an accident and Todd asks what is going on with him, which he deflects. The bell at the front desk starts rapidly dinging, and they go out to see Bart Curlish, who greets Dirk, her presence alone enough to make him try to run and instead hit his head against a pillar. She states that "I'd like to report a crime."

Friedkin finds that all of Blackwing's data pre-shutdown is stored on floppy disks that he does not know how to decrypt, so he asks Ken Adams to do it so his superiors do not know how lost he is. Ken agrees to do it if he can be let out of the taxi.

Hobbs and Tevetino put Bart in a holding cell despite her warnings that it will not hold her if she does not want it to. She refuses to talk to Farah after what happened the last time they met, and explains what happened to her at the quarry, asking "have you ever had somebody attack you for no reason?" Dirk points out that she did exactly that to him, but she states that meeting him again makes three times she chose not to kill him and that "we're practically best friends." She identifies Suzie Boreton from her description of her attacker. Hobbs excitedly remarks on the holisticness of the situation, while Bart asks for them to "arrest her and shoot her in the face."

Suzie goes to a local book club uninvited, all of the attendees clearly surprised to see her.

Dirk, Todd and Hobbs arrive at the Boreton residence and knock on the door, Hobbs finding it strange that their dog is not barking. Dirk finds Bob Boreton standing around in the backyard, his eyes glassy and only able to speak in groans. He throws Dirk through the doghouse and grabs a shotgun, only for Todd to stop him by jumping on his back. Hobbs takes out his gun and asks Bob to put his down, and he is only stopped by Todd punching him out with his brass knuckles. Hobbs asks where he got them from, Todd pointing out that they were never searched while arrested.

Priest asks for permission to kill Vogel, as he was not originally part of the Rowdy 3 and was the one who started causing trouble. Friedkin insists that they need him and Amanda alive, as they can use her to control all four of them. Priest chuckles that "you're way over there and I'm over here, we'll see how it goes."

As Farah studies Hector's corpse and notes that the strange geometry of his stab wounds may indicate as to why two of Marina's fingers were broken, Tina points out that she is sad. She asks if it is because of something between her and Todd, then wonders if it is actually Todd and Dirk that are a couple. Farah insists that she is not sad and the telephone rings. Tina picks it up and Scott Boreton tries to anonymously report his hit-and-run to her, but she immediately recognizes his voice. She asks Farah if she wants to go check out the site he reported.

Hobbs puts Bob to bed, assuming he was just intoxicated despite Todd's protests that he should be arrested. Dirk berates Hobbs for boiling the strange situation down to coincidence, telling him to "acknowledge and engage the bizarre and preposterous set of events befalling you, or be swept under them and drown," which Todd notes is "a little bit harsher than the speech you gave me." Tina radioes Hobbs (as requested by Farah) to tell him that they went out on call and left Bart alone.

In the car, Tina offers Farah drugs and takes it herself (despite being the driver) when turned down. She has Farah hold her gun for her because it hurts her while she drives, and Farah points out that the problem is that it is the wrong kind of holster for her body type. Impressed, Tina asks how she remembers all the law protocols, and Farah reminisces about her father putting her through training when she was younger. They arrive at the site of the accident and they note the tire tracks, blood, and footprints like the ones Farah saw in the Cardenas house.

The other women of the book club gossip while Suzie sits in annoyed silence. She sighs loudly to get their attention and fish for compliments on her new look, only for the club to passive-aggressively turn against her, one of the members wondering if she is having a breakdown. Suzie accuses them of mocking her behind her back and that she has "always been the nice one" until the members start to point out her various cruelties to them over the years. Indignant, she asks where they were during her accident, and they furiously point out that she caused it because she was high while driving carpool, killing one of the members' kids. The leader accuses her of "limping around, feeling sorry for yourself for four years like you're some kind of underdog hero. Well, you're not, Suzie. You're not! You're one of the bad guys!" Suzie pulls her wand and the house erupts in a flash of light.

Farah and Tina follow the footprints to a junkyard where Panto is hiding, and he demands to know why they are following him and why a nearby boat bears "the insignia of The Mage." He feigns surrender when confronted only to attack them with what appears to be a yo-yo, and Farah duels him and knocks him out.

Dirk, Todd and Hobbs return to the station to find Bart having gotten the front desk bell into her cell somehow, and she is ringing it relentlessly to entertain herself. Todd tells Dirk that he is being weird about the new case and asks what is going on with him. Dirk responds by asking him why he has Pararibulitis. Todd responds "why?" and Dirk answers "exactly." He walks away as Bart continues to ring the bell, only willing to give it back if they find Suzie.

Suzie returns home to Scott demanding his phone, and she remembers Dan Samuels took it before he was killed.

Amanda and Vogel arrive at the Cardenas Family Motor Inn, and Amanda realizes it is a place she has continuously seen in her visions. Remembering seeing the number "18", she and Vogel break into room eighteen. They find Todd's abandoned bag and one of his empty pill bottles with Amanda's name on it inside, as well as his Mexican Funeral shirt. The Rowdy 3's van sounds outside and Vogel runs to greet them, despite Amanda trying to stop him, having a bad feeling. Priest and several soldiers emerge from the van, who Vogel recognizes, and Amanda drags him back into the room.

Todd finds Dirk sitting around forlornly and asks him to talk to him. Dirk admits that he spent his two months in Blackwing fantasizing about escaping and immediately starting the agency with Todd and Farah, everything becoming "better" and "calmer. But nothing's better. Nothing's calmer. It all just is, and always will be." Todd assures Dirk that he is not "predestined" and "you can't let the universe push you around." Tina interrupts them to tell them that Panto is awake.

Suzie returns to the quarry and takes Scott's phone from Samuels' body, only for The Mage to emerge from the office. She hides and records him vaporizing the bodies of the men Bart killed with his own wand, only for him to announce Suzie's presence. He demands the wand back and tries to summon it using a spell, but Suzie holds it tightly, breaking his spell through sheer willpower, and flees in her car as The Mage chuckles with intrigued delight.

Panto introduces himself to the group, claiming he came to "your world" through "the Pool of the Empty Throne," helped by "Wakti Wapnasi, forest witch of the Santi Santiga, who guides the Bofuki Nepoo." He warns of a prophecy told to him by Wapnasi that foretells doom for Wendimoor when The Mage finds an apprentice. The only way to save his world is to unite the Dengdamors and Trosts, retrieve "the great weapon," and for "she-who-sees-all" to open a door "into a dream," allowing a man to bring the boy that can save Wendimoor. Dirk asks several questions about the prophecy, all of which Panto does not know the answer to, only knowing that the man who must bring the boy is Dirk himself. Bart interrupts, asking Panto if he knows Ken.

Dozens of soldiers surround the motel room while Friedkin watches from a control room, squeezing his stress toy. Priest tries to lure Vogel and Amanda out by promising to bring them back to the rest of the Rowdy 3. Amanda promises that "this isn't how it ends" and begs Vogel to believe her instead of Priest. Priest gasses the hotel room and Vogel runs out, fighting soldiers with his golf club until Priest sprays him with the subduing agent and starts torturing him by breaking his fingers. Amanda stuns him and Vogel drains as much energy from Priest as he can before they flee back into the room. Priest decides to kill them both despite Friedkin repeatedly ordering him not to, and he shoots up the motel room from the outside while Amanda and Vogel take shelter in the bathroom. Friedkin groans in frustration, the eyes of his toy going from blue to green as they did before Dirk vanished. Amanda drags Vogel into the tub and promises that "someone's going to do something," and all the appliances in the room erupt with water. Amanda has a brief vision of the green-eyed toy as Priest enters the room. Amanda screams for whoever is giving her her visions to "do it now" and the lights shut off. Priest shoots through the bathroom door, only to find Amanda and Vogel gone. He excitedly proclaims that "this is gonna be a wild one!"

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  • The episode title refers to the two broken fingers of the corpse from the car in the tree, presumed to be Marina Cardenas.



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  • Deaths: Carol, Jeanette, Karen, Lisa from the book club.


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