Dirk Gently's Holistic Wiki

I'm asking because a few months ago, I started a BBC America-verse fanfiction on there as part of a prompt meme. OK, technically, it's a crossover with Her Interactive's Nancy Drew PC game adaptations.

Basically, the plot is Dirk is paired up with one of the Nancy Drew characters, Sonny Joon, in a pen pal program. I have Sonny's first introductory letter/chapter posted, and I'm looking for someone to write as Dirk.

A couple days after I posted said first chapter, a non-registered reader on AO3 had asked about writing as Dirk once they created an account. Usually the account application process takes no more than a week, but it's been 5 1/2 to 6 months since I heard anything from that reader.

Anyway, if anyone here has an AO3 account and is interested in being tagged as a co-author and writing the Dirk chapters, check out Dirk and Sonny's Holistic SPIED Agency on AO3 and let me know in the comments there. No experience with the Nancy Drew games is necessary. If you haven't played them, I'll have Sonny explain his involvement in that series as we go along.