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"Watkin" is an episode of the series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, the fourth episode of season 1.


Dirk and Todd find themselves in a complicated and dangerous situation left behind by Patrick Spring. As the police begin putting together the pieces of their imponderable case, an FBI agent's unlikely return complicates matters for Amanda and Farah.


Intro: A series of television screens display the woman from the hotel waving a lighter around, flashing between being normal and having her head covered in blood, the touch-powered lightbulb turning on, a rat clambering through a maze, Estevez looking at an FBI badge before looking at the camera in suspicion, a symbol of a circle with two parallel lines running vertically through it, Zimmerfield holding a picture of Gordon Rimmer, Dirk Gently in an undershirt looking around in confusion, Todd Brotzman, shirtless and wearing a jacket, frantically shouting at the camera, an ouroboros, a mechanical helmet with a clock for an eye, a detour sign pointing to the left, a rhino, Amanda Brotzman looking to her right, Joseph Weedle, flashing between himself and Fred, leering to his left at her, Farah Black holding out her hands as if making an offering, the Rowdy 3 jumping around excitedly before posing together, the female gender symbol, a guitar with blood running down it, Rimmer smearing his cheeks with blue makeup, and a fire extinguisher. They transition to only displaying the helmet.

From a helmeted Weedle's point of view, Ed and Zed drag him into the animal transfer unit where Rapunzel the Corgi in Lydia Spring's body barks at him until Rimmer shooes her away. He shoots Fred, chained and shivering, in the head before telling the squeaking mouse he is holding to "stop whining, you were done with that body anyways." Ed and Zed restrain Weedle to a pillar in the center of the room and put the caged mouse on the opposite side. Rimmer says "in perpetuum" (Latin for "forever") and his men repeat it before he pulls a switch, sending an electric shock through Weedle's body and making his vision go white. When he comes to, the helmet no longer obscures his vision but he is now inside a cage, revealing he is now the mouse. Rimmer picks him up as Ed and Zed remove Weedle's body's helmet, addressing each other as "brother," his body now inhabited by Fred. Fred asks what they are going to do with "the obsolete soul," and Rimmer tosses the Weedle-mouse on the floor. He says "Goodbye, Agent Weedle" and tells Rapunzel to kill him, and she lunges for the mouse. The last thing Weedle's soul ever sees is Lydia Spring's open mouth.

Todd hides the lottery ticket in a smashed picture of him and Amanda playing music together as kids. She asks him what happened to his apartment, and he passes it off as "a whole...thing." Dirk, outside with Farah and studying the blueprints, calls to him to join them, which Todd seems reluctant to do. Amanda is shocked at his reluctance, noting Dirk's strange abilities and Todd's clear attraction to Farah, and Todd insists he does not want to drag her into the case. She counters that she wants to be involved and promises that she will be safe, sending him off with his "cool guy jacket," wanting him to impress Farah and noting that both she and Dirk have jackets, yet Todd does not. He catches up to Farah and Dirk and they explain that Edgar Spring built the neighborhood in 1978, along with a power grid beneath it. Dirk notes that Spring possessed a rumored "unlimited energy device" that he used to power the city for two decades. Spring disappeared around the time his son Patrick Spring bought back Webb Manor, and Patrick never explained anything about his father to Farah. They conclude that "Edgar Spring's machine" that Rimmer is looking for is the energy device, and the blueprints have led them to the only access point to the power grid available—a fenced-off building in the middle of the neighborhood. As Dirk excitedly rushes to climb the fence, Farah asks Todd how long he has been working with Dirk, shocked to learn that it has only been four days, assuming they had been together for years. Todd asks her why she thinks so until Dirk calls for him to push him over the fence, and he sighs that "we just met, and I hate him."

Fred, speaking disjointedly but with more energy than Weedle, enters Estevez and Zimmerfield's office and asks for information on Farah. As Zimmerfield gives a file to him, Estevez informs Fred that the bodies from the penthouse have not turned up, Fred casually remarking that his group pulled them, contradicting what the FBI agents told the detectives earlier. He bluffs it off when confronted and asks after Dirk, learning that Todd was in before, and asks if he mentioned a corgi. When asked how he knows about the corgi, Fred again deflects and asks if they arrested Todd, beginning to berate the detectives for their apparent lack of knowledge when they ask on what charge they would have detained him for. Zimmerfield notes that Weedle's partner is missing, Fred not seeming to know who he is, and they become further confounded when Fred does not know where Todd lives, despite the fact that Weedle was investigating him. Fred concludes that he will speak with Todd himself and leaves, leaving the detectives unsettled at his personality shift. They realize he really wanted the corgi, which they have kept hidden in an evidence bin. Zimmerfield affirms that something is strange about it.

Farah breaks the fence's lock and Todd asks what Spring wanted them to find and how they know if he is on their side. Farah rebuffs him, stating that she has to find Lydia at all costs and blaming herself for Spring's murder, despite Todd arguing that she is not being fair to herself. While she insists that they need to follow what Spring left to find Lydia, Dirk finds a slot on the other side of the building and realizes the crank he took fits inside. Todd and Farah are cut short by him screaming and run to find the crank in its slot and Dirk gone. Todd removes the crank and suddenly falls through the ground.

Fred knocks on Todd's door and demands that Amanda let him in, but she refuses. He insists that he can wait, and she looks through the peephole to see him staring directly at the door and not moving.

Dirk illuminates the area with the self-powered lightbulb, and he and Todd see that they are in an underground room with a trapdoor above them. As Dirk picks up the crank and looks around, Todd explains to Farah what happened until she gets a call from Amanda. She informs Farah of her situation before asking after Todd, and Farah, against his wishes, tells her that he is in a secret passageway, to Amanda's delight. Farah tells Todd to stay where he is and leaves to go help Amanda, only for Dirk to run off down a corridor, forcing Todd to follow him.

Rimmer meets with Sammy, the woman from the hotel and Lux Dujour's old lover, in a bar, who is in tears as she watches a news report about Dujour's body being found. He gives her a gift and she tells him that he shouldn't, as he will not win her over. He promises that it is the last one and asks after her boyfriend, laughing when she reveals he was Weedle's partner and stating that "life is wild."

Fred realizes Todd's door is broken and lets himself in, stating that he will wait inside despite Amanda's protests, and that she "shouldn't be alone. If anything happened to you, who would come looking?"

Dirk and Todd find a door with no handle, and Todd asks where Dirk got the lightbulb, (which Dirk has dubbed the "everbulb") astounded at his nonplussed reaction to the strangeness of the situation. The door suddenly opens on its own and they enter, finding it completely dark. The door shuts behind him and the room is suddenly flooded with light, coming from the dozens of lightbulbs that cover the walls and ceiling. Dirk realizes the room is a message from Spring, and the walls start to move towards each other, closing them in. Todd takes Dirk's jacket and uses it to smash some of the bulbs, as it is too bright to see a possible solution to their predicament. Despite Dirk's sudden insistence that Spring lured them down there to kill them, Todd firmly believes it must be some kind of test. He tells Dirk to find an open socket to put the everbulb in, only for it to not stop the walls when they find it. Dirk, at the last second, realizes the bulb is a key, and they screw it into the exit door, jumping through it just as the walls close fully. Dirk insists they can no longer afford to rush through the maze, but Todd insists that they need to get out.

Fred asks why Todd stole "our dog," still not fully used to his new identity, and Amanda remains incredulous until Farah bursts in. Amanda bluntly tells her that Fred is behaving weirdly and Farah takes him out in the hall, noting that he is wearing his gun on the wrong side and the safety is off. She also notes that is partner is missing and asks who he really is, but Fred, coming to his senses, uses his knowledge of her relationship with Spring and her background of being a rejected FBI applicant due to her paranoid tendencies to intimidate her into defensiveness. He calms down and gives her his card, telling her to call if she ever needs help solving Spring's murder before leaving.

Todd and Dirk enter another room that shuts them in, finding what appears to be a metal horn on a pillar in the center and the door with a statue of a rhino's head missing its front horn embedded into it. As Dirk again tries to warn Todd to slow down, Todd states that he is just trying to get out of the situation Dirk put him in. He asks Dirk to acknowledge the mortal peril they are in and states that he is not his assistant, but he will help him if it means getting out alive. He tries the door, only to find it locked, which Dirk points out he should not have been surprised by.

Fred sits in his car outside the Ridgley, Farah refusing to leave Amanda alone until he is gone. Amanda asks what Todd did to warrant an FBI presence, but neither of them know.

While Todd focuses on getting the door open, Dirk observes the horn. Finding no clues, Todd wonders if the room was meant for Farah, but Dirk insists that because he is in the room, it was meant for him. They notice a plaque in the dirt that reads "HERE LIES PEPE UNLESS OTHERWISE ACTIVATED" and Dirk remembers Farah mentioning that Patrick Spring, an avid animal lover, owned a rhino named Pepe. Realizing that a reference to the animal means that Spring has been down in the maze, Dirk concludes that it was Patrick, not Edgar, who left them the crank. He pushes down on the plaque and the lights in the room turn on. Todd, now apprehensive, tries to stop Dirk from approaching it, but he does regardless and the rhino statue's eyes glow blue. A blue, ghostly rhino emerges from the door and hits them both with electricity, causing them to collapse and forcing them to remove their smoldering clothes. Dirk realizes that Pepe's soul is inside the statue as it begins to charge again, and concludes they need to connect the horn to the statue. Todd tells Dirk to grab the horn and his hand at the same time while he touches the statue, letting the rhino shock them again and sending a current between them, shutting off the soul and opening the door. Todd puts his jacket back on and they leave the room.

Fred updates Rimmer, still with Sammy, on the situation. After he hangs up, Sammy asks if something is wrong and he states that he lost his dog, but he can handle it. He has her open her gift and she removes a fur coat, which he states is meant to symbolize "the endless cycle of the universe." She realizes he is quoting Dujour and the coat belonged to him, and he offers to tell her what happened to Dujour if she comes with him.

Dirk and Todd arrive through a tunnel in a room full of computer screens, Dirk noting that it must be the last one because of the brick walls, indicating that they are under the Ridgely.

As Farah and Amanda watch Fred's car, Farah murmurs that she was perfectly qualified to be an FBI agent and Amanda observes that she is a strange person, which Farah denies as they watch Fred leave and the Rowdy 3's van arrive. Amanda asks if they should call Dirk and Todd.

Dirk and Todd find a strange plug in a wall that resembles the one Dirk and Farah found at Webb Manor, which Dirk believes is where Edgar Spring would plug in his machine and power the city. The screens suddenly turn on, displaying dozens of strange symbols. Todd is mystified, but Dirk, having a moment of understanding, touches the kitten and shark symbols, then the dog and female symbols, leaving Todd confounded as to how he knew what to do. The screens shut off, then display a series of numbers. Dirk murmurs "three questions, one answer" and touches the three, then the one, again confusing Todd. The screens turn into a map before shutting off, the room's age and old technology causing the wires to fray and burst, starting a fire. Dirk, finally calm, tells Todd that he is no longer worried about rushing forward until one of the wires explodes behind him, making him fall over.

Farah tries Dirk and Todd's phones and moves to leave when she gets no answer. Amanda smells smoke and believes she is having an attack until Farah smells it too. They hurry down to the lobby and burst into a back room, where they can hear Dirk and Todd's screams and see a vent with smoke pouring out of it. She calls for Todd and he responds, telling her she needs to bust down the wall. She tells him to get down and fires through it, only for the Rowdy 3 to rush into the room and one of them breaks the wall open with his sledgehammer. They drag Dirk and Todd out and drain energy from the former before leaving. Todd, in shock, asks "who are those guys?!" Regrouping in Todd's apartment, Farah points out that it seems the maze was made for Dirk and Todd specifically. Dirk notes that Edgar Spring must have built the maze and room for his device, but his son must have installed the traps. They mention the map and Amanda realizes they are talking about the one from her vision, and she leads them back into the room where she sticks the crank into another socket and turns it, turning the screens back on and displaying the map. The screen in the center turns on, with a message on it reading "SAVE HER DIRK AND TODD..." to Dirk's delight and Todd's astonishment. Farah realizes the map is of Skagit Valley, four hours from Seattle, and Dirk states that the markings on it indicate it is some kind of treasure map and that he and Todd will leave first thing in the morning.

Rimmer takes Sammy to the Animal Transfer Unit, where he has laid out Dujour's guitars, commemorative records, and clothes. He ignores her question of what he did to Dujour and instead shows her the pillar they used to swap Weedle and the mouse. He states that his group found the machine atop it in the sixties, having come to them "from another dimension or something." They realized they could swap bodies using it, starting with animals and then moving on to people, informing Sammy that Dujour was one of those people. He explains that he took over Dujour's body and made a comeback in it, and that she never met the real Dujour, just Rimmer in his body. Rimmer's men (including the coroner) enter to prevent Sammy from leaving. He tells Fred he did a good job with Farah and tells his men that he called them to show them that "I am doing my part." He tells them that they almost have Spring's machine as he puts on Dujour's coat, starting to drop his gruff, unassuming voice, and that he brought Sammy with him to show them that he has outgrown his Dujour persona. He takes off his glasses and states that "I don't want the things that Lux wanted anymore." He asks Sammy if she remembers what he said to her as Dujour during a trip to Portugal together, and she tells him that he said "when I die, you die." She asks what happened to him (addressing him as "Lux") and he leans down into her ear, whispers "I died," and bashes her skull in with one of the guitars.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The episode title comes from dialogue spoken by Dirk referring to a supposed Star Wars character, "Burnt and crushed to death like Watkin in Star War [sic]!". It also shares a name with a character in the original novels, Professor Watkin.





Holistic Connections[]

  • Lydia is addressed as Rapunzel. It was established in the previous episodes that Rapunzel and Lydia were body swapped.
  • The Men of the Machine transfer their souls into the body of rats before moving to a new body.
  • When leaving, Todd's door fails to close. This is a reference to the fact that his door was broken in Horizons by the Rowdy 3.
  • Gordon gifts Sammy repeatedly despite her lack of interest in him. This is because she loved him while he was Lux Dujour. She was also dating the FBI agent Nathan who was killed by the Men of the Machine in Lost & Found.
  • Dirk says that he knows that he and Todd are on the right track because he always ends up where he needs to be. This is a reference to how he calls himself a holistic detective.
  • Inside the second trapped room, there is a plaque that reads "Here lies Pepe unless otherwise activated" Farah and mentioned that Patrick had a pet rhino named Pepe in Rogue Wall Enthusiasts
  • Dirk had told Farah that the lightbulb and crank were very important, this was seen to be true when they needed both objects to make it through Patrick's secret passage alive.
  • Gordon's gift of a fur coat is the same fur coat that Todd saw himself wearing in Horizons
  • The monitors that Dirk and Todd come upon have a striking resemblance to the title screen of the show. They are also the same monitors that Amanda saw in her visions
  • Farah says "too bad about your jacket" to Todd. Amanda had suggested Todd wear the jacket to get Farah's attention.
  • Gordon Rimmer smashing the guitar over Sammy's head is similar to Todd smashing his guitar in episode 1.

Other Notes[]

  • Amanda calls Todd the "shadiest person in the world"
  • Todd has been working with Dirk for 3 days
  • Weedle says that Farah was denied entry to several federal agencies due to psychological reasons
  • Dirk's distressed screaming is what alerted the Rowdy 3 to his location
  • Amanda tells Dirk that his hunches are wildly suspicious
  • The monitor reads "Save her Dirk and Todd" meaning that Patrick knew who they were
  • Fred is the name of the person currently inhabiting Agent Joseph Weedle's body.


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