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Wendimoor is a magical realm in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, appearing in its Season 2.


Valley of Inglenook, where two families, the Dengdamors and the Trosts, have feuded for gererations

  • the castle/city of the Dengdamors
  • the Trost farmlands
  • sacred forest of the Bofuki Nepoo, with the village of the Bofuki Nepoo: home of Wakti Wapnasi and the Bofuki Nepoo
  • the Bridge
  • the ruins with the Pool of the Empty Throne

Places/Features outside Inglenook:

  • in the sky is a giant half moon (waxing crescent moon) with a face
  • the train in the sky, a steam train with wagons flying across the sky
  • Star Rock
  • Knick-Knack Highlands
  • Marshmallow Mountains



Wendimoor is a separate dimension. It was created by the Boy, Francis, in 1967 with his reality-editing powers.


When Francis was returned to Wendimoor by Dirk, he took charge and restored the land.[1] Its inhabitants were resurrected, with full preserved knowledge of their life and death.[2].


  • The Trost coat of arms is a blue T on yellow. Their colors are blue, purple, yellow. Family members have pink hair.
  • The Dengdamor coat of arms is an orange D on green with a yellow chevron inverted. Their colors are green, orange, and red.
  • The Trosts are simple farmers and the Dengdamors more sophisticated, each disdaining the other's lifestyle. The Trosts think the land is sacred, and the Dengdamors' mining on it is a sacrilege[3].
  • Weapons used commonly are the scissor sword and slingshot. Other weapons seen are yo-yo, claw hammer, needles, sickles. Some of these weapons resemble tools from our world but oversized.
  • There are plants that bear processed food as fruit. e.g. a bush with marshmallows, and the Burgerbush/Borgabush which bears hamburgers in a leafy capsule.
  • Parrots are used as messenger birds.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Wendimoor is an anagram to "weird moon", possibly an intentional reference to its strange moon.




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